Privacy Policy

This document describes how personal information can be collected and used (or not) on this website, and describes the responsibilities and obligations that correspond to such use. These terms cover this website and its content exclusively, and do not include the websites that are linked, or malicious third parties.

It is our commitment to the end users, who can operate this website with integrity and honesty, taking the necessary time, with effort and dedication to protect users and the information that through this can be provided.

Compilation of Information

We collect the personal information of our users, such as names, addresses and contact information on a voluntary basis. The information provided will only be used to satisfy your specific request, and may not be used for any other purpose, unless authorized by the person who provided the information.


Third parties

We may link or display the content of "third parties" on our website according to your request. In case a user follows these links, they leave this website and can no longer be regulated by this privacy policy. This policy and these terms apply only to the content on this website.


Cookies and tracking technology


This website may use cookies or tracking technologies of your Web browser to provide a better overall user experience. This information allows us to continue with the modification of the site to comply with the types of browsers used by the end users, operating systems, in addition to the frequency of visits to the site. Personal information can not be collected by these methods unless expressly provided by the end user. Cookies and tracking can be shared with third parties. This policy applies only to the interactions that take place through the website.


Distribution of Information


We can only share your personal information with government agencies or other companies that help us in the prevention or investigation of fraud, and when it has to be done due to legal obligations. This information will never be shared with third parties for marketing purposes.

Commitment to Safety


Regarding personal information provided voluntarily by end users, we undertake to make considerable efforts to provide such secure information, Such information will only be used by authorized employees.


The Rights of the changes


We reserve the right to make changes to this document and these terms without prior notice to end users, but if so, will emphasize the changes made in this document.