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Riser Ring
Bs. 4,400.00
Impuestos exc.: Bs. 4,400.00
Trainer Floor Mat
Bs. 10,000.00
Impuestos exc.: Bs. 10,000.00
Z Roller
Bs. 41,400.00
Impuestos exc.: Bs. 41,400.00
Road Machine
Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Es la herramienta perfecta para hacer ejercicios de sprints a int..
Bs. 57,600.00
Impuestos exc.: Bs. 57,600.00
Road Machine | Smart Control
Take your indoor training to the next level with a power trainer that combines Kinetic's best-in-..
Bs. 72,000.00
Impuestos exc.: Bs. 72,000.00
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